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Encounter # 63 • August 28, 2011 • Transients

T100B and T100B1
Photo by Stewart Macintyre

Photo by Ken Balcomb

Transient Spyhop
Photo by Ken Balcomb

T100B1, T100B, and T100C
Photo by Mark Malleson

Encounter # 63 • August 28 • Transients

Begin Encounter: 12:41 p.m.
Start Lat: 48° 50.34 N
Start Long: 123° 08.20 W
End Encounter: 1:36 p.m.
End Lat: 48° 50.85 N
End Long: 123° 14.44 W
Vessel: Shachi

Observers: Ken Balcomb, Stewart Macintyre, and Mark Malleson

Center staff departed Snug Harbor in Shachi after getting reports of Transients at East Point heading South. The whales turned North prior to Shachi reaching East Point. Shachi continued North, however, into the Strait of Georgia and soon came upon a small fleet of whale watching vessels. Upon joining the fleet, it was discovered that the whales had disappeared from sight and it took a coordinated search for 30 minutes before any photographs were taken and the identity of the T100's could be confirmed. Center staff followed the T100's North as they foraged along the Belle Chain Islands. They continued North towards Active pass and Shachi returned to Snug via Plumper Sound and John's Pass.



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These photos were taken under MMPA permit #532-1822and/or DFO license #2006-08/SARA-34.