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Encounter #1 - January 3 - J's, K's and L87 in Haro Strait

Mother and son, J30 and J14, in the last light of day
Photo by Dave Ellifrit

L87, cruising Haro Strait with beautiful Mt. Baker in the background
Photo by Debbie Sharpe

Encounter #1 �?January 3 �? J's, K's and L87 in Haro Strait

Departed Snug Harbor: 15:36
Begin Encounter: 15:55
Start Lat: 48 44.40 N
Start Long: 123 20.74 W
End Encounter: 16:48
End Lat: 48 28.90 N
End Long: 123 13.13 W
Returned to Snug Harbor: 17:07

Observers: Dave Ellifrit, and Debbie Sharpe

Our first encounter of 2011 occurred on January 3rd, when Dave and Debbie once again hopped aboard the Peregrine with Jim Maya to follow up on reports of Southern Residents inbound off Vancouver Island. Sure enough, J's, K's and L87 were spotted off Discovery Island, moving at a moderate pace up Haro Strait. The groups were spread out, and with only a little light left in the day, it was difficult to document all the whales present. However, our effort was rewarded with a spectacular sunset, and by the time it was over we had succeeded in photographing part of J pod (J2, J8, J19, J41, and the J14's), all of K pod, and of course, L87.

2011 looks to be a busy and promising year for us here at the Center for Whale Research. As we continue to monitor the whales, we hope that all of you will continue to monitor our website for our latest news and encounters. Also, for those of you who are watching the water, don't forget to call in your sightings of killer whales to the Orca Network (1-866-ORCANET). From California to Alaska, we are interested in reports of all orcas wherever they may be.

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These photos were taken under whale watch guidelines.